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Welcome to Creative Kidz Academy 

At Creative Kidz Academy, we believe that children are incredibly special. We are dedicated to ensuring the best educational and childcare practices that exceed our families’ highest expectations. We offer a learning atmosphere through age-appropriate curriculum and activities that provide recreation and promote creativity.


To provide the highest quality education and childcare for your children and to prepare them in every possible way to become happy and successful little human beings outside of the classroom environment. 


Monday through Friday

7:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Health & Safety

Our academy is clean and safe at all times. The environment is nurturing, healthy, and drug-free. From hands and faces to toys and linens, we are always washing, cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis!

Your child’s safety, physical and emotional well-being and growth is our main priority. 

Our Staff

Our dedicated and passionate staff ensures that each child’s needs are met while fostering trust, self-discipline, and self-confidence. 


We hope to create positive relationships with each parent or guardian by maintaining respect, trust, and communication.


Our goal at Creative Kidz Academy is to nurture our students while encouraging them to become individual, independent, and confident.

All of our teachers are experienced and certified in

  • CPR & First Aid

  • Safety & Potty Training

  • Cleared by the Alabama Bureau of Investigations, AMD the Federal Bureau of Investigation's that is ABI and FBI background check.

  • Have the minimum standard training that is required by the state of Alabama to care for children.

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